Everything you need to know about the Arduino Hardware

Arduino is probably the first thing that comes to mind for most hobbyists and students when they think about embedded systems. It has certainly gained its name among the electronics community. Easy-to-use programming environment and vast support from the online community have made it the first choice for anyone who wants to make cool electronics review film projects. It’s cheaper, easy to use, and easily available everywhere.

So, let’s talk about What is Arduino?; In simple words, Arduino is an Embedded development platform that consists of both the hardware as well as software parts. Let’s have a look at the hardware side. As we know like any other development board, the Arduino is also made of many basic components. In this article, we will discuss what are those basic components or parts of an Arduino Board. This article is completely focused on Arduino UNO only, if you want to know about the other options you can check out our previous article on Different Types of Arduino Boards where we have compared all the popular Arduino boards and their specifications.

Arduino – Hardware Design
What’s Arduino hardware? It’s a PCB-mounted microcontroller that you can program and use for simple daily tasks, mathematical computations, and prototyping and testing. An Arduino development board consists of the core microcontroller with its supplementary components and the necessary circuitry to communicate with the PC which we will be using for both communications as well as programming the microcontroller. For communication or programming purposes, we will be using a USB to TTL converter, which will be embedded within the Arduino board. So, if we look into an Arduino board at a block level it will look like this.

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